My name is Jan Rodenburg, I’m an independent project manager since I started my own company in 2005. Until then I was working at a technical company, as a projectmanager/calculator/purchaser/staff planner. Since the start of my company in 2005 I did several projects, both operational and as a supervisor.

Because I did a lot of operational work (and I still do) I am standing close to the projects when working as a project manager. This makes my job more dynamic and realistic. Together with the people on the job and the clients I have a good overview of the project.

On the page ‘Curriculum Vitae’ you can see my portfolio until now. As you can see I gained a lot of experience abroad. I did projects throughout Europe, in Israël and in Uruguay. In Israël and Uruguay the operational work was done by local companies under our supervision.

PHC home automation (domotics)

Since 2005 I am an agent of the PHC home automation system (of PEHA by Honeywell). I can assist technical companies with their PHC home automation systems.

More information on this you can find on the page ‘PHC DOMOTICS‘.




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