PHC Home Automation (Domotics)

Since 2005 I am an agent of the PHC home automation system (of PEHA by Honeywell).

With the PHC Home Automation System you can control for example lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling. You can integrate this into one system on a comfortable and user-friendly way.

Of course it’s possible to control the system wirelessly, with an app on a smartphone or tablet. Also visualisation with for example a floor map on a touchscreen is one of the possibilities.

PHC Home Automation can be used everywhere; in private homes, offices, industry, hospitals, nursery, etcetera

I can assist technical companies with their PHC-projects.

Assisting can mean for example;

  • Engineering of the project

  • Selling an implementing the components

  • Assisting during the implementation

  • Programming and commissioning

  • Aftercare

  • Solving problems and failures

If you want to know more about what I can do for you concerning PHC Home Automation, please contact me via the page ‘CONTACT’ 



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